PES 6 Escudos premier league

Premier league

Aston Villa by.Sakax2

West Bromwich Albion by.Sakax2

Everton by.Sakax2

Crystal Palace by.Sakax2

Southampton by.Sakax2

Chelsea by.yoshi

Charlton Athletic by.Sakax2

Tottenham Hotspur by.Sakax2

Newcastle United by.Sakax2

Norwich City by.Sakax2

Birmingham City by.Sakax2

Blackburn Rovers by.Sakax2

Fulham by.Sakax2

Portsmouth by.Sakax2

Bolton Wanderers by.Sakax2

Manchester City by.Sakax2

Manchester United by.Sakax2

Middlesbrough by.Sakax2

Liverpool(EPL) by.Sakax2

Sedan by.Sakax2

Sunderland by.Sakax2

Wigan Athletic by.Sakax2

Watford by.Sakax2

Sheffield United by.Sakax2

Reading by.Sakax2


4 comentarios to “PES 6 Escudos premier league”


  2. Magnificent. Congratulations, i was waiting a long time to have this kind of treat! I am also an editor maniac, and i just love to see my PES 6 with all the official kits and logos, all edited by me. These are complete works of art, congratulations man!

  3. alguien sabe pork no se me ven los escudos??:(

  4. C’est vrai que c’est pas mal malgé que c’est nul


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